Need to Add Multiple Leads for already existing Customers

Hello guys,

I need to add multiple leads on the existing customer. For that, I added a table multi-select for select leads. and add code to set the value to table multi-select,

if(frm.doc.lead_name !== undefined)

can add customers from Lead directly, that way lead is automatically added by default on customer doc.

so if the lead value is present in the data filed, I need to set that value to the table multi-select field

But my above code is not working. so please help me with this.

I need like this this is my customer doc now


Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have a question

Why do you need this?

What is the use case scenario for this ?

Hi @olamide_shodunke

I need to add multiple leads for one customer. This means A lead comes with one requested service and that convert to customer…But the same customer again comes as lead with another service. In that case, the customer does not need to add again…so I need to add multiple leads with one customer

Do not use lead for that purpose

You should use Opportunities.

That is what Opportunities are meant for

Hope this helps

Hi @olamide_shodunke this my requirement

For eg: In the lead one customer requested website development and the same customer again requested digital marketing service… both services are 2 leads but for the same customer. So I need to link the 2 leads under the same customer

Actually, in our case, we more using lead doc more than opportunity.


I am tryjng to explain to you that you are using leads wrongly

A lead by definition is a prospect who has never bought anything from you before.

Once this lead buys something from you, they become a customer.

An Opportunity is any busines/transaction you are pursuing from either a lead or a customer.

Once the opportunity is confirmed you convert it to a quote or a sales order.

You can then track the progress of the opportunity and run analytics on it .

This is the way this is handled by ALL CRMs including ERPNext.


That I know, only the opportunity is converted to the customer .But in Our company more use lead doc…after follow-up lead may be converted to a customer.


My last response on this, hope it helps

Opportunity is NOT converted to customer

Lead is converted to Customer …Just Once.

Why not try the aproach of using Opportunities in your demo environment and maybe you will get my point.

You are using Leads and the CRM the wrong way.

Maybe someone else can help you after this

OK Thanks