Need help with stock balance report

Hi Guys ,

I need to add two more fields as filters in the stock balance report , could anyone indicate me which file to be edited ?



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Thanks for the reply @komsel2228.
I added two fields here in the filter , but that gives me an error , no such table exists .

So I decided not to touch the standard report I thought of duplicating and creating a report myself . I created a new script report , as shown below wherein that tells me to Write a Python file in the same folder where this is saved and return column and result. But could not find any folder been created in


Please guide me .


sorry, wrong.

create new report in report list – report type “script report”, is standart must “yes”.
before do that, you must add developer_mode: 1 in file "frappe-bench/sites/(your_site)/site_config.json

6 month ago,i create “stock balance” report same like you, but i create in new apps, not in erpnext.

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Thanks for the info @komsel2228 . Did everything you mentioned but still unsuccessful folder did not get created I copied the standard report folder , renamed it and created a report accordingly finally edited the file and achieved that .Completely did everything in an unorthodox way .

Anyway thanks for the help .