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Need help Setting up ERPnext for the first time


I am looking for someone to help me with installing ERPnext on my system.

Broken styling layout issue

You can find a guide from this GitHub link

For video tutorial

for detailed steps

For manual install


Check this thread


I used a machine with Ubuntu Desktop on it and followed the video but I got an error

ERROR! The requested handler ‘restart network manager’ was not found in either the main handlers list nor in the listening handlers list

I don’t understand what does this mean.


I reinstalled it and it worked somehow.
ERPNext is successfully installed.
But now when I type “localhost” I got a web page like this which is unusable.


Welcome @anandf this may help your case I install erpnext in my server, but when i brows it give login page disorder like screen short below


Hey! Thanks for your reply. I see that using this command solves the issue.

chmod o+x (opt/username)

But how and where do I use the command ?
I tried it in the terminal as it is but it didn’t work.


The terminal where you installed ERPNext!?

You need to specify that for us to help you?


When I type “chmod o+x(opt/username)” I get

root@abc-com:~# chmod o+x(opt/username)
bash: syntax error near unexpected token ‘(‘


Copy and paste here the output from ‘ls -al’

You need to run something like:

chmod o+x /opt/bench/

What is your host environment, and what install notes did you use?


I used this video for installation. I am using Ubuntu.


Double-checking also here if anything has changed for the installation in the version 12 before even trying anything. Does anyone know why the github “frappe/bench” content above has label “FAILED” on the top of the installation notes?


See also here Broken stying layout issue


I reinstalled it and it was fixed.


Would need to know more, is this a Production or Dev server ?? Cloud Based ? ERPNext also offers a hosted solution as well


Local Server
Using the Open Source version.