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Need definite answers on Scrap Management


I just wanted to chime in here. I’m not looking for anything comprehensive, a simple Stock Entry type with a purpose of “Scrap”.

The entry would relieve inventory and charge the value to a scrap account.

Something simple like this would make my life SO much easier.


I made some tests to make scrap management work as described in documentation article Scrap Management. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work.
I used mtata’s method to transfer the scrap to a Scrap Warehouse. I also enabled the Work Order link from customization. This can help to track the relation between the stock transfer of scrap with the work order.


Hi. Can you share more information on the exact steps you took to allow scrap management to work with work orders? I was unable to find a way to do this myself.


Hi mtata, all I did is click Customize menu on Stock Entry and add Material Transfer to the Depends On field as below.
eval:in_list(["Material Transfer for Manufacture", "Manufacture","Material Transfer" ,"Material Consumption for Manufacture"], doc.purpose)
This way, it is possible to select the Work Order in Stock Entry when doing a Material Transfer for scrap items from workin wrh to scrap wrh.


That’s quite cool! Great job spotting that.