Naming series gets auto replaced when upgrade from v11.1.x to 11.1.y

With the release happening every Tuesday , every time i upgrade the instance from v11.1.x to 11.1.y, Naming Series gets replaced
SINV- gets replaced with ACC-SINV-.YYYY.-
STE- gets replaced with MAT-STE-YYYY-

Is this a bug ? anyone else facing the same issue ?

bench migrate command leads to naming series replaced with new naming convention.

EMP/ gets replaced with HR-EMP-

is there any solution to this ?

Have you exported “Property Setter” fixtures ?

what is that ? could you please give the link for the same ?

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Hi @root13F,
I tried above solution. property_setter.json gets generated and it has the required naming series changes for standard doctype i.e. Sales Invoice.
But, when i do bench update / bench migrate the naming series changes in property_setter.json doesn’t get applied.
Any pointer? thanks