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Multiple Stock UoM


Hello Everyone,

We are Lubricant Company, Our Company sell Lubricant. How can we track Stock in Unit of Bottle as well as Number of Litter.

We have multiple size of Bottle, some have 1ltr, 3ltr, 4ltr,etc



You may find this link useful


using conversion factor and customize report stock balance to show second UOM.
or create each bottle container as a separate Item code.
Item1 : Engine Oil Lubrex 4l, UOM = B4, qty =10 B4, means you have 10 bottle of 4l at onhand, 40 l (using conversion factor)
Item2 : Engine Oil Lubrex 3l, UOM = B3, qty =6 B3, means you have 6 bottle of 3l at onhand, 18 l (using conversion factor)
Item3 : Engine Oil Lubrex 1l, UOM = B1, qty =4 B1, means you have 7 bottle of 1l at onhand, 4 l (using conversion factor)

a bottle cannot be opened and used partially? used as hole I guess?

does this make sens?