Multiple items in sales invoice with different customer purchase orders


I am an ERPNEXT corporate user. We are using a ERPNEXT hosted version on cloud. You are requested to keep that in mind.

We are looking for a way to :slight_smile:

  1. Have multiple sales order items (along with sales order numbers ) on the sales invoice.
  2. This feature is already there.
  3. what we also want is to have the customer given purchase order number in the sales invoice for each item.


SO 1 : item no 1: 100 qty : customer PO no: CPO01
SO2 : item no 2: 50 qty : customer PO no: CPO02

so in the sales invoice, instead of the naming series of sales order, we want the customer PO number against the item.

Please let me know if any other user has solved this.

Any inputs will be helpful.

You have to create custom field purchase order number in the sales invoice item doctype using customize form.
Kindly add custom field purchase order number with field type as Read Only and add sales_order.po_no in the options of that field(see attachment). This will solve your requirement and it will work for new sales invoices not for the old invoices.

thanks rohit. i did that and it worked.

warm regards and thanks for your help.

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