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Multiple Customer Account Statements


It is!! I want it be as easy as clicking a button and emailing them!


I refuse to give up

So many basic features that are missing. No one seem to be listening


it is a lot of work for them too. if you could do it and share… :slight_smile: everyone could benefit too. i really wish know Python + GIT + linux. My three Achilles heel.


Good Day

Could you email me:

To discuss ERPNext Reports.

Thank You
Albertus Geyser


Yes would be awesome if you could share how you achieved this
even with jasper reports


Customer Statement

Good Day

My new Jasper Reports Statement promised to post:

Please show me how many interested then i will upload Jasper Reports file to use on your ERPNext Database.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser

Customer Statement

i am very very very interested


Count me in. Thanks.


I think this will be very helpful.
I am in.


Good Day All

I saw this from a link i received and like this approach of System 1A:

This could help allot.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser


Good Day

Herewith Link to updated Jasper Reports Customer Statement:


Check out