Multi tenant ERPNext install on AWS

Is there anyone having prior knowledge on installing ERPNext on AWS

@munim I have installed, tell me…

I have used port forwarding, does it have any any problem / demerits which will cause in long run? like security, or anything else?

@munim what structure of multi tenant you want if you don’t know tell me your plan of using multi tenant?

Port based or DNS based?

I am new in multi-tenancy.

Currently i am using AWS with public IP,i don’t have any domain and i am not planning to use domain instead of public IP. I have successfully configured port based multi-tenancy. My question is “Is there any security issue or anything else for using port based?”

Business logic:
I have two company one manufacturing and one service base, First i use multiple company, but i need a lot of changes in sales order, purchase order etc. That’s why i am planning to use multi-tenancy instead of multiple company. Though i am not expert in frappe i am not customizing from backend. If it’s separate i can make it from custom script.

@munim I don’t think any security issue with port based, you can ask frappe team about this to make sure there is not security issue, but you will need to keep in mind to set strong port number