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Multi Currency Payment - POS View - Solved



Make currency exchange in accounts currency exchange


I made the currency exchange. But it will work only if i input the rate within 3 decimals.
Example : 1khr = 0.001usd (This is work fine)
But, In reality it need to be 1khr = 0.00025usd (this is not working)


We did try to keep it till 5 decimals. Let me check with my developer


Check Date and Number format in your System Settings


No will. Push an update in sometime.


Pushed the update for 5 decimal currency exchange.


Do git pull inside pos_bahrain folder and then

Do bench migrate to the site from. Frappe bench folder.
It should work fine now


Thanks so much @fkardame. It’s working perfect.


You’re welcome!!!


Hello @fkardame

Unfortunately when I do as stated by you, it simply takes it as a cash refund.

It does not increase the customers balance as you stated, it simply treats it as a cash refund.

Can you test it ? Maybe am doing something wrong




When u make return sales invoice check in payment table there will be cash as default it usually pulls the full amount so if you’re not returning the cash then make cash as 0 and that should increase the debit


This is Exactly what I did, I wiped out the cash figure, changed it to zero and submitted.

It still made it a cash transaction on submisssion.

Would you mind trying it at your end?



Hello dear i just tried it and it shows me total unpaid as negative balance that means store credit.

Check image attached


Hello @fkardame

I seem to be having same issue as @olamide_shodunke.

When i clear out the cash figure and submit. the transaction still completes as a cash transaction. See screenshot below


We have not tested this with returns.



Am confused

In your reply to me you said you tested wit returns and cleared the payment field and this lead to a store credit for the customer. And you showed me a snapshot.

What do you now mean you have not tested with returns.

Am confused


I did test it on ur request and it was working fine. But we dont have any client using it as production, this is only for the return button in pos view.