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Multi Currency Payment - POS View - Solved




We have looking for Multi Currency in POS View.

I have checked multiple other software’s which accepts multi currency through POS.

Concept understanding:

Creating Multiple Mode of Payments:

  1. Cash (Base Currency) - BHD
  2. Cash (Foreign Currency -1) - USD
  3. Cash (Foreign Currency - 2) - GBP
  4. Cash Foreign Currency - 3) - EURO

In Mode of Payment we will have to make a Tick Button if this MOP is in Foreign Currency.
Then it should open a Selection field of Currencies and then It will pull up the currency exchange from default exchange form of ERPNext.

In POS View:
When in payment screen, I select Cash Foreign Currency - 1 - USD and enter the Denomination and it should Covert it to the Base Currency using the exchange rate selected at the Mode of payment.

And display the Paid amount in Base currency and also change amount in Base Currency.

Anyone though of Multi currency in POS this way. Is there any other way to do it?
As we will start working on this concept soon.


Hello All,

We were able to develop Multi Currency Using the Above method.

In addition to the above method we had to add the Foreign Currency Denomination in Sales Invoice Payment.
So we added custom field As Foreign Currency Amount.

Using this we are able to close Invoice with accepting foreign Currency and display the foreign currency in the drawer using Report builder customization.

All the foreign cash is exchanged at POS side to base currency and the respective MOP Account is Credited with base currency.

Hope this makes sense.

Some Screenshots attached below.
Payment Tab

Foreign Currencies:

Total Invoice / Total Paid/ Change / Conversion Rate / Foreign Currency Denomination Conversion:


We need this functionality as well. Many businesses in developing countries will have a need for such multi currency POS.