Multi Currency exchange rate Issue in Accounting

Hi , i have started using multi currency accounting recently. I have generated few journal entries with multi currency accounting, after i submit the voucher the balance sheet figures of USD account are not showing same as in the voucher, i have multi checked the journal entry, the figures in journal entry are correct but the balance sheets numbers are different. Can anyone know how to solve this problem ?

Same problem for us, USD account ledger is fetching the current exchange rate for all previous entries and showing wrong balance in reports.

i have contacted the support team and it seems they are also unable to help me out for now. How did you solve this with your accounts ?

It is fixed now, yet to merge in master.

How to fix this issue at ERPNEXT V11+. Because I have this problem at v11.1.62 version?

We are on version 12 and still facing the same issue. Could you please update whether it was fixed for you?

ERPNext: v12.13.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.11.0 (version-12)