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Multi company and the invoices series



As we know that each company will have separated Chart of Account.

But the problem that the naming serial for the invoices is not separated, and will cause to have discontinuity for the numbers when there is audit, this is not allowed.

The only way to overcome this is to create new instance for each company but in this case, it will mot be possible to see all companies from one login (session), and will not be able even to use duplicate feature.

So how to resolve this problem?
It is not acceptable to have SINV-00001 and then SINV-00020, the audit will ask where is 2 and 3 and 4 … etc, how did u reach for invoice SINV-00020 directly!!!

There should be a solution for this, otherwise it is not possible to use multi company and multi financial book.



I did this before, I create custom field in company for all documents that needs separate naming series like Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Journal Entry ,etc…

And save the new naming series for all of them or each company

Then I have to create all of them in Naming for each company like this:

then create custom script for all document like this to select naming based on company :


You lost me here.


@flexy2ky I am sorry, I forget to add one more image:

for example : here I have company called Demo Company so I will take the abbr and add it to naming series JV-DC, For anther company in the same instants called Sky Zone I will create JV-SZ and so on


erpnext support putting field value in naming series. So on Sales Invoice DocType, you just need to create a custom field (company_abbr) that fetch value from the abbr field in company doctype. For example, Company A will have abbr as CPA, Company B will have abbr as CPB.

The naming series will be company_abbr.SINV.#####. And the document ID will be