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Multi-BOM Manufacturing : is this a bug?

Good day

I have found something that, at this stage may be a bug unless I am mis-interpreting the fields.

I am manufacturing a product that consist of items and completed modules ( 4 of the same

The diagram looks as follows

I have created a BOm for the modules : item3 and item4 ( 1 off each ) to make a module.
I have crfeated a Bom for the product : Item1 and Item2 and Module( 4 off the module).

I initiate a production cycle with a Material request ( manufacture)
I create a work order.
On submission of the work order, the material transfer is generated together with 2 Job Cards.
One Job Card for the module
One Job Card for the product.

I start the Work Order.
I complete the JOb Card for the module with the Employee … and notice that the
quantity to manufacture is “1” ( See diagram"mulit-bom-1" below

On completion of the Job Card for the Module it says “Completed Quantity = 1”
See diagram “multi-bom-2” below

And on the Work Order for the Product it says , “Completed Quantity” for the
module is “1”. See diagram “multi-bom-3” below

And yet … if I trace all the items from the “Stores” Warehous to the “Finished Goods”, then
everything is working correctly.

The value of the product in the Finished Goods Warehouse is the Raw material cost, as per
the BOM for the product (Excluding the operating costs )

But these fields that I see throughout the manufacturing process is confusing. It makes me
think not enough units are produced.

Is this a bug?
If so, how do I escalate it?

Many thanks