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Moving to docker

Currently I run erp-next in a virtual machine with the mysql database on the same virtual machine.

I’m looking to move to a docker version of erpnext. What would be the implication with regards to the migration? Can I just backup the mys database and point to that one from the erpnext docker (running mysql in a separate container)? I only did some customization on the documents and such, no python code changes etc.

Would launching the same version of erpnext, in a docker, with the data backup, simply work, or am I overlooking some things?

If you’ve customized doctypes using the customize form tool (rather than editing doctypes directly in development mode), everything should transfer fine. Just take a backup, including public/private files, and load the backup using the restore bench command.


Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. Will try this weekend.

if your DB is reasonable, you can use this method.

DB and file(s) size matters here because it will backup all files, push to S3 compatible storage, download files from storage and restore automatically using the scripts

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