Modify Sales Invoice List

I created a custom field and marked it to be visible in the Sales Invoice List. It shows nicely, but now I can’t see invoice total in the list view, it’s gone.

Marked In List View for Grand Total (Company Currency) but it still does not show.

How do I get the total back?

Many thanks.

Currently the list view for documents is fairly limited in space. You can’t really add much without something else disappearing. It’s just the way the current design is laid out.

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List views can only have five columns, hence only five field’s values can be shown.

As a work-around, try newly launched Title. In the you can values of the multiple fields updated in the Title itself.

Thanks, guys. Customizable title is a great feature, but the data I want to display really needs to be in a separate column, otherwise the accountants won’t trust it.

Where can I find the function that displays this list? Perhaps I can change that easily… (I realize that this is one of those things that I shouldn’t be touching if I want automatic updates in the future.)