Missing translation when using "Relink"

There is one key element which is not translated to far. When relinking E-Mails into DocTypes I have to know the english DocType decription to be able to relink accordingly. Any Ideas where this can be changed?


I’m guessing I am searching through the “DocType List” at this point. Here also all DocTypes are not translated. Any Ideas?

Can you file this as a bug on GitHub? Also mention your version!

Will do!
Can you please link me a quick guide on how to “file a bug on GitHub”.


Don’t forget to add that screenshot


I had a look and saw, that if I were to change the name of the DocType this would actually work. Changing the name of a DocType like “Sales Invoice” would probably also change the URL and thus probably cause severe problems some where other in the System?

My idea was, if it was maybe possible to add something like the “search field” in DocType to be able to add a tag with the according translation so the doctype is not renamed but I can at least search for it in my language.

Please advise.

Using the relink funktionality I noticed it would be usefull if the naming series was included in search. So I am able to search for say QTN and Quotation.