Migrate Frappe local Redis server to AWS ElastiCache

Hi @revant_one,

Please, is there a step by step guide on how to migrate a Frappe setup from using a local redis server connection (for queue, socketio etc) to AWS ElastiCache for Redis?

I want to setup an ElastiCache cluster but I need to know what needs to be done when moving new and existing sites to the ElastiCache Redis server.


set the keys redis_cache, redis_queue and redis_socketio in common_site_config.json to point to external redis hosts.

redis is used as in memory cache. keeping it on same server will be faster than external host.


Ok Thanks. I was able to successfully set it up. We intend to use an AWS Auto scaling group for our EC2 instances running Frappe so we needed to have a central server for Redis (ElastiCache), MariaDB (RDS) and file storage (S3) so that each replica in the auto scaling group can be in sync when running concurrently.

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