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Meetup - South Africa

Any one from South Africa would like to have a meet up ?
Let’s come together to learn and share our knowledge and experience.


Hello @msalim79

Yip I’m very eager. I have a Meetup group at Please join us.

This group is open to all current users (technical and business users equally as welcome) and most definitely any wanna-be users! We’re cognizant of the constraints Covid has brought us, and we’ll endeavor to have our meetings both in-person and on-line.


Great stuff , Have Joined the group … :smiley:

Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’ve also joined

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Hello fellow South African ERPNext’ers

Please follow this link to our meetup page and in particular to this poll so we can schedule our next meeting.

Thanks so much / Baie Dankie / Ngiyabonga kakhulu / Enkosi kakhulu

Hello all South African users.

We have a Zoom meeting scheduled for Tuesday 15 June 2021, 09:00 local time.

1 If not already a member, please join our Meetup group at

2 RSVP for the meeting. Upon receipt of your RSVP I’ll forward you the Passcode.

This meeting is essentially a meet-and-greet. We can discuss topics to be featured in future meetings and generally just assess the needs of this community.

Kindest regards, and looking forward to meeting you.

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