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Material request that is aware of current warehouse levels?

I am new to ERPNext and still trying to understand the proper workflows. Say we have 10 apples and 3 beets in our Warehouse A. A sales order comes in for 8 apples and 6 beets. Assuming I need the items in Warehouse B to fulfill the sales order, how do I quickly create a material request (for the 8 apples from A->B) and purchase order (for the 6 beets I need to purchase from a supplier)?

Or am I thinking of this wrong?

There’s provision for automated material requests based on defined reorder level. Please go through the stocks/warehousing section in the manual.

I read that section and watched all the videos and played around with the platform before posting. But auto-reorder doesn’t solve my needs as we primarily do just-in-time fulfillment (like purchase-to-order). So we bring in product based on sales orders, but there is also some leftover stock sometimes so we want to not over-order. We don’t want to auto-reorder but rather have some way to easily generate a material request/purchase order for 300 products taking sales order numbers minus current stock.