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[MARKS] Solved topics should be marked properly


Hi guys,

I think the forum somehow is losing many topics and producing garbage.
By losing topics I mean some of them are left either

To produce more valuable topics I suggest a template:
OS Version:
ERPNext Version:

and of course marking them down - what do you think about it?


I fully agree, apart from that there is No Moderation on the forums and people don’t even use code in proper format and also the forum topics are not in their proper category.

This ways it would make the forums more difficult to search at a later stage.


Yes, @Marcin_Walkow and @adityaduggal, I support your ideas. The forum needs a bit of organization, but team should be busy preparing v7 apparently. I also thought Solved plugin integration can be useful to keep information more organized.


I can help with different stuff here like moderation. What about the others, developers - any insights? :slight_smile:


@Marcin_Walkow there are around 25 mods on the forum, maybe time to add a few more.

Overall the quality is okay, it could be a lot better. I would be hard for everyone to tag the release number but we can surely ask.