Map data from existing Google sheets to ERP Next

We are looking to map data from existing Google sheets to ERPnext, can someone please guide us

It would be great if you could elaborate further on what exactly do you mean by “mapping data”?

If you simply want to dump the data from Google Sheets to ERPNext then it’s pretty straightforward.

  1. Download a copy of the Google Sheet on your local system
  2. Create a DocType (where you want to import the data)
  3. Use the built-in data import tool to import the data into the newly created DocType (templates are supported in order to prepare your data for import in correct format)

If you want to map the Google Sheet data to ERPNext in “real-time sync” way then it’ll require you to first publish the Google Sheet to web (making it public) and the use the Drive API to fetch the data into ERPNext. This will require some bit of technical knowledge.