Many Leave Application Workflow to go through mentioned situation

Hello ERPNext People,

I’m looking for management software for my own small team, looking for only HR features. There are many payroll software I had tested, but I need flexible Leave Approval settings.

Like If Employee A, has setup leave approver for Employee B. So, as per demo, if Employee B needs any leave, has to request A for approval. But, in between this HR also has to to come in picture. Than, I tried and searched for documents, got to know workflow has to be configured. Okay, will try it.

But, I doubt. There will only one workflow active at a time, by checking box at workflow. So, If some other situation arrived like Employee C whose approver is Employee D. But, this time HR & TL not to be comes in between for approval of leaves.

In short, I want flexible structure for approving leaves, sometimes need more than 2 people in between leave approver and employee, sometimes need only HR, and sometimes only leave approver has to approve, No HR & TL in between this last time.

This is possible? How? As demo, there are lots of module, it will complicated for metric pass employees, can we remove this?

Why do you need so many “maybes” in your workflow for approvals? Why not simplify it?

Employee A requests leave -> HR employee confirms leave allowance and approves -> Leave approver Employee B approves leave

At any time HR employee or Employee B can also reject the leave and add a note so Employee A sees why rejected.

ERPNext workflow and email alerts can do this without too much effort.

Looks like good community. One more discussion form is there, and noticed there someone also requested same. I had seen video tutorial as well mentioned in the post here:

But, my expectation is bit different. I don’t know it’s possible with this erp or i have to explore much more erps. I need such leave workflow: Let’s visualize by example.

Employee Robert has to report James, James is owner of business. Still with Small Business, appointed HR, Boy Robert will request for leave and mention James as leave approver. This request first goes to HR as workflow is active(as I understand) and after approval of HR request will forward to James. Goodness is, James can approve it. That’s also elaborated in Video & everywhere docs & discussion.

But, Suppose Managers like HR itself needs Leave, She will request to James only !! & James will accept it. But, here as same workflow is already active, this request has to redirect HR itself, and only after approval James can approve. My question is arise here only, how managers like Project Managers & HR Managers itself not to request HR instead direct request to James. This situation never demonstrate anywhere, is this even possible or not? I just doubt, I’m still playing with demo only.

PS: Oh, looks like @James_Robertson has tried to answer, coincidentally James & Robert both are in your name. Sorry, this is purely coincident.

Lol. No worries.

The workflow features in ERPNext are a bit static in that once setup the system expects the process to flow linearly all the time in every use. So in the case of the business owner also being HR, he would have to approve twice I think in this scenario.

The system will not automatically select the approvers. There is no function for that at this time, so the leave approver will have to enter in those values. So in your examples the leave approver can put in HR person and PM if the PM is the one to approve leave as “manager” role. It is flexible in that regard.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, as mentioned by you. Same procedure has to be followed, to achieve my situation. As I researched more, dive into ERPNext, looks awesome to be here.

Some mentioned customization like changing codebase. As I dived today only, have to learn and explore yet. Can we add this feature to the roadmap, as many will looking for same? As some of geeks mentioned, going to enhance HR Module? Will try to contribute.