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Manufacturing issues in Version 11


I am using a self hosted copy of ERPnext and have some issues since Version 11 with manufacturing operations. To check whether this is limited to my own instance, I checked and found the same issues on the current cloud version at (ERPnext: v11.1.17 (master) Frappe Framework: v11.1.17 (master)):

(A) Material Consumption for Manufacture

This feature was introduced recently to “consume materials for manufacturing of a production order without booking a finished quantity” (

Issue (1):

The button “Material Consumption” (see example at does not show up.

Issue (2):

When trying to “consume materials for manufacturing” with zero in the “For Quantity” field, an error shows up saying that “For Quantity” is mandatory. This sort of defies the purpose of this type of stock entry, which was created exactly for consumption of material without producing any finished goods.

(B) Manufacturing Settings: "Backflush Raw Materials Based On Material Transferred for Manufacture"

The manual explains: “When creating Manufacture Entry, raw-material items are back-flush based on BOM of production item. If you want raw-material items to be back-flushed based on Material Transfer entry made against that Work Order instead, then you should set Back-flush Raw Materials Based On Material Transferred for Manufacture

This setting does not work anymore since Version 11. Both stock entry types “Manufacture” and “Material Consumption for Manufacture” now always suggest the BOM quantities, and never “transferred quantities”, irrespective of above manufacturing settings.

I have pointed out the latter problem a while ago in December (Version 11 - Backflushing Raw Materials based on Material Transfer - Bug?), and was hoping it would get fixed in one of the regular updates. It really upsets our processes, as we literally have to copy the transferred quantities by pen and paper, and then manual add them to the “Manufacture” stock entry. We would also happily to pay for fixing this issue.



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@OSchauf same issue we are also facing, this issue was resolved a before but again its arrived.

We hope community will resolve this issue on urgent basis.

Not likely. They still have not done anything about Scrap Management for Manufacturing and that has been a reported issue for over 4 years.

Hope you have better luck.


I have found that if the “Skip Material Transfer to WIP Warehouse” in Works order, is not checked then the “Material Consumption” button does show up. If it is checked then it does not show up.

I have no idea if this is intentional or just an oversight.