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Manual Configuring of Fail2ban



So i add issues with fail2ban on my setup(Multitenancy DNS), so i uninstalled and Reinstalled the service,

when i enable the service ‘ufw enable’ my sites wont be reachable but when i its disabled “ufw disable” the sites becomes reachable .

Will appreciate any guide or tips to setting up fail2ban properly for my production setup.


You can adjust the UFW tables - log in as root or a sudo enabled user, and then runn commands like this…you will have to adjust the ports to match your system…

sudo ufw --force reset #IF you want to clear what's in there already
sudo ufw allow proto tcp to port 8000
sudo ufw allow to port 53
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw reload

Ports that you will probably need to open… 8000(production) or 8080(dev). I don’t think the ports for 11000 etc need to be allowed, since they are local, but you might need to.
To check which ports are in use, you can run

netstat -tnlp | grep -i listen


Thank you for your prompt response

i tried the above and still didn’t work below is my screenshot when i checked the ports running.


I am still having issues with this, please is there anybody who can help?


In the screenshot, there are 3 nginx ports that would need to be opened
8000, 8001, 8002
I don’t think you need to open ports for 11000,11001,11002 or 12000,12001,12002 or 13000,13001,13002, but you could try that and see if it works. Similarly for 9000,9001,9002


@trentmu thanks for the tips…this sorted me out


Glad to hear it!