Managing scrap/broken items


I have an item with BOM which consists of serialised electronic components. These are quite high-value components and we track serial numbers. When a work-order is started a stock entry is made to move all the required parts to the WIP warehouse. Then the operator collects the serialised parts specified in the WO.

If we discover that one of these components is broken during the assembly process, how to I send it to scrap and call up another part to replace it?

The fact that these parts are serialised seems to preclude the usual scrap process.

Would it be correct to simply use a stock transaction to move the serialised part from the WIP warehouse to a Scrap warehouse and bring another serialised part from Inventory to WIP?

@fishter Is the repack stock entry will help you to transfer broken part from wip to scrap? and new material request can be provided to the store for demanding new components for the fulfillment of in-process work orders.

Have you used the Transfer Material to WIP Warehouse as a step? If you did, the broken part’s serial number will be in the Material Transfer for Manufacture entry that’s linked to the work order.

So if you replace that broken part with another serial number and you try to complete the workorder, chances are the stock entry may (or may not) get populated with the serial number of the broken part. Check if that is true. If it is, check if the code lets you submit the Stock Entry Purpose Manufacture if you replace the broken serial number with the ney issued serial number. If it does, great. If not, you may have to skip the Material Transfer for Manufacture step.

But Stock Entry Purpose Material Tranfer to transfer the broken part from WIP to Scrap and another Tranfer entry from Raw Material/Component store to WIP about sounds right.

Hope this helps.



Thanks JayRam.

I can replace the broken part’s serial number in the Manufacture stock entry, so this looks like the way to go.

  • Stock Entry (Material Transfer) to push a replacement to WIP
  • Stock Entry (Material Transfer) to push the broken part to Scrap
  • Stock Entry (Manufacture) with updated serial number against the replaced item
  • [later] Stock Reconciliation to deal with the broken item if it’s not returned for credit
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Yeah, Fishter. That sounds right.

If you cannot replace the serial number of the broken part with the serial number of the transferred part, I meant to say, because ERPNext is only allowing you to use the serial
numbers in the linked (to the work order) Material Transfer for Manufacture Stock Entry, you may have to cancel the Material Transfer for Manufacture, Cancel the work order, redo the work order without the Material Transfer for Manufacture option. Do the Material Transfer un-linked from the Work Order (but maybe linked to the underlying BOM, so that the parts are all populated automatically in the Material Transfer) to transfer from Raw Material/Component store to WIP and then use the Complete Work order to make the Manufacturing entry.

Please let us know what you find.

Hope this helps.



It’s all editable. The fields are prepopulated from the original material transfer for manufacture, but I could choose any available serial number in any warehouse to replace a specific item.