Making reports visible


I was wanting to create a “Students Attendance” report weekly/monthly and thought
that I would have to write something. After searching on the internet, I found a report
by typing in the “awsome” bar …reports…
then you find a "Student Monthly Attendance Sheet ". But this is not visible on the Desk.

then I found a discussion thread that suggests to change the “” file to make
this report visible.

I seached on my system backend, for the file “” and found a few. The one
was under …/config/

In there I found sections that define all the visible modules in Education. The last of these
definitions is “Other Reports” … which includes the report I am looking for. So these reports
is in the file but yet not displayed on the desk.

How do I make th e"Other Reports" section in “Education” visible.
Please if someone can assist me with this , then I don’t have to go to “Reports” to search for
this report.

Here is a screenshot of my file that shows the “Other Report” definition.

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Hello johnlonglang
Can you give more details , like version of erpnext etc
I am assuming that you have given all the permissions to the intended users.

Hi @msalim79

Thank you for your response…

I am using …

ERPNext: v12.26.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.23.0 (version-12)

Herewith a screen-shot of my education module, logged in as Administrator.

And the “Other reports” block is not visible. I am expecting to see a Block with the
heading “Other reports” in in there,

Student and guardian contact details
Student monthly attendance sheet
Student Fee collection

According to what I see in my file

Am I correct in my expectation or must this be enabled someplace else ?