Make landed cost voucher a payable/"invoiceable" document

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@saifi0102: did you had any success on this issue regarding Landed Cost Voucher?
I believe the solution proposed by @Sambath1605 si OK as a temporary patch but using it on a regular basis makes it difficult to handle and error prone.

I believe the solution proposed by you would make it much more elegant and manageable to handle shipping costs and linke them with the freight supplier.

As an additional suggestion. It would be great to adapt Landed Cost Voucher to be used in sales (Delivery Note and/or Sales Invoice).

Thanks in advance.

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I have enhanced Landed Cost Voucher quite extensively such that it handles creating Payable Accounting Entry, Multi Currency, posting negative expense GL entries and handles multiple methods of cost distribution in one LCV.

I have made further changes for specific companies such that you can link Landed Cost Vouchers to Purchase Orders and convert them to Purchase Receipts once made.

The problem is that I cannot make a pull request to the ERPNext repository because this requires dependent pull requests to be merged that have not been merged by the maintainers.

You can take a look at the code, however, you may not be able to merge it into your repository very easily without development skills.

Let me know if you need any more reference to it

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@saifi0102 is this in github?

It used to be in a feature branch but now it’s mixed up in my master branch erpnext/saif ever since I realized my changeds won’t be merged in Frappe’s ERPNext

That’s sad

Looks like you have done a lot of work on your fork.