Looking for an ERPNext Developer


I have posted here before and was connected with vignesh from the apparelo team here: https://github.com/aerele/apparelo

We began our initial talks about what they had done to ERPnext and tailored it more to the Knitting/dying/cutting/sewing aspects of the apparel manufacturing business. I was so excited on getting started with this. I provided process maps and flows of how my business was done and unfortunately that’s when everything went radio silent. I’ve sent multiple follow up emails and have had zero response from Vignesh and his team.

I would like to see if I can find someone in the community that would be willing to pickup where they left off and help me deploy our system on our VPS as well as code custom aspects more tailored to my business and help maintain.

Looking forward to working a potential partner.

Thank you, Blake

Hello @Boolves

Which time zone are you in?

Hi @EugeneP thanks for your response. I am in GMT -7:00

Below is a link to an often used job-posting board:


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Try @youssef


Hely @Boolves

Feel free to dm me, We have done Manufacturing part for apparel business using the core manufacturing module.

Let us discuss further on this.

Thank you! I PM’d you.

Thank you Brian!

Hi Boolves,
Sure i shall be more then a happy to assist u…
please email me on: rac4idea@gmail.com

Hi! I would like to know more about the manufacturing processes involved in garment factories. I may be able to help in coding and deployment to VPS