Login using Cookies (SID)

We are working on Mobile App UI, and need to re-login using the SID received in response in the header after the first login using
{ "usr" : "abc@xyz.com", "pwd" : "********" }
Didn’t find any documentation stating the API call using SID
If any one has answer to it, please let me know if how can i test it on an Online API tester like Reqbin.com, and where to pass the SID while calling the API

Cookies are automatically set on the client, in mobile context u will have to set relevant cookie while sending the request.
Where are you stuck?

Right now, before using the API in the code, i’m trying to call the API using online Tool Reqbin.com,
Need to see where and how can I pass the SID (this one I got when called API using usr & pwd)