Logging in in Android version of ERPNext

Hello to All,

Since recently I have started to use ERPNext and am beginning to offer it to my clients as their next business step because I love ERPNext simplicity, speed and user friendliness at least.
However I have found some points that can be improved for better i hope.

I will share my thoughts in following messages on this forum.

Whenever I have to log in again into ERPNext app on Android, I have to type the server IP and username and password again.

It would be very helpful and nice if App can remember at least several last server addresses and usernames as a drop-down list because it is very annoying to have to type again and again server address, email address and passwords especially when it is typed on mobile device.


@GoranCvetkovski I need this too. Let me try and put this on my list!


Instead of maintaining servername, username and password in erpnext app.
Android Settings > Accounts should have frappe/erpnext account.

Scrolling has become smooth in android 6.0.x, now I can even scroll reports smoothly