Live Stream - ERPNext Conference 2017 from Mumbai

thank you

Hello everyone, we are live again at :slight_smile: Sorry about the delay.


Hello community, The DAY 2 Stream is live now on !!

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will watch you guys after work.

Thanks guys. Amazing workshops. They are really informative.

Hi all, here’s the Day 3 stream live now:

Can we have access to all presentations of conference ?


Can someone enlighten us about ERPNEXT Desktop as the stream broke just as Rushabh was about to introduce it

You might find the following 3 photos useful about ERPNext Desktop

Sorry I couldn’t attach the photos here as the photo is big size and upload is limited to 350KB


@tlie could you please elaborate upon desktop and enterprise?

Hi @LifeP, if I’m not wrong, ERPNext Desktop is a mini version where it’s going to be downloadable in one .exe file and installable in one click just like a standard Microsoft Windows executable program.

But it is actually a browser built-in program (web based) and will be available in all platform not just for Microsoft, just like a WhatsApp Desktop is actually a browser built-in.

The focus of ERPNext Desktop is to compete with Accounting-focused small program like Tally in India, etc…

ERPNext Enterprise is what we already have all been using currently, with all the technical expertise / knowledge to insall.

Both will still be a full open source platform.


Are the videos of the conference available anywhere? I tried accessing the Youtube videos, but they are not available anymore.

Thankyou very much!

@Pau_Rosello_Van_Scho we have pulled out the live stream.

I am thinking of editing out the discussion part and posting scrubbed videos of the talk. The reason is that a lot of this can be taken out of context, specially if someone only posts a small clip without context.

Maybe incentive to be there next time or catch it live!

I totally wanted to to be there :cry:

I totally understand the reason to pull them out temporarily and will wait patiently for them to appear again :slight_smile:


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@tlie You know is there is a public repo for this ?

@kickapoo It’s not out yet, the plan is March 2018

more about ERP Desktop…

I dont get it. Some ppl of Frappe Team are working on it with a release month but in the same time there is no repo?

So it will be like … Oh this is ERP Desktop take …

Lets became a bit professional rather than an announcement.

Please anyone for core team share a detailed roadmap, beta version features and give the public repo for us to check and prepare for. Better together so please share.

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I guess I heard Rushabh mention that they’ll release an alpha version prior to the release date to take inputs from the community.

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No real roadmap now, just the strategy. We will push everything in the open. Don’t worry. Lets go for March 18…

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@rmehta I mean form line one to be open, not after first release. Ty for the reply.

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