List view Hidden Field

Hello Guys

I want to hide some fields in the list view. Please help me with this

I want to hide the time and message symbol .


I want to edit the name of fields in the list view. In the lead list view, I want to hide the title field.
For that, I update view settings in customization and add the lead name instead of the title, but after that, it displays 2 fields with the same

Is there any option to hide title fields and edit fields?

Please help me with this.

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Hi @jinsy,

Please apply in the listview client/custom script.

frappe.listview_settings['Lead'] = {
	refresh: function(listview) {


Reload and check it.

Thank You!



Thanks for the reply but it does not work for me.
This is my code

 refresh: function(listview) {
   // $(".frappe-timestamp").hide();
   // $(".avatar-small").hide();


is there any rename option in the list view?


It works on my side.



Sorry @NCP

It works.

Having read some of Nihantra Patel’s posts in the past 5 minutes, I’ve seen tricks for hiding web page elements that haven’t been documented anywhere else in 5 years.

I’ve give some of his replies 100 likes, if I could.


@jinsy You can use the feature from ‘Customize form’ itself in order to solve your query.
Refer to below screen shot-

@murtaza_bk What you’re showing works in most cases.

However, without custom code, there is no way you can Show or Hide these:

  • name
  • creation and modified
  • modified_by and owner
  • docstatus
  • parent, parentfield, and parenttype
  • idx
  • The multi-select check box.
  • The heart-shaped icon for Likes.
  • If you create a DocField named 'enabled' that is a Check, it will appear on the grid automatically (whether you want it to or not!)
    • The list grid also gives this a column name of “Status”. This has confused both myself and a few customers.
  • The text that shows the last modified in Minutes/Hours/Days (e.g. 44 m)
  • The little icon that shows whether there are Comments.

It’s the last 2 that jinsy was asking about.


@brian_pond - Great!
This list helps people to find a way in order to show/hide fields through which method(custom script or customize form). Good job.

How would you hide the “Status” field? (Not docstatus). Asking specifically for the Delivery Trip list view. It doesn’t appear to have a name that can be hidden. Tried "status" and `".status".

I don’t have a great solution for that. I’m not seeing a safe way of selecting just that column.

I managed to hide using the code below. But it feels unsafe just searching for the words ‘Status’ and ‘Draft’. Also, you don’t re-acquire the lost column space. Instead, the column to the left became extra-wide.


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Thanks @brian_pond . It’s a workaround though not quite elegant because of the whitespace it leaves behind.