LImit in creating one Delivery Note for one Sales Order

I want my system clear with only one method :1 (one ) quotation ==> 1 (one) Sales Order ==> 1 (one ) Sales Invoice ==> 1 (one ) Delievery Note ==> … .

So, no accept for staff to create more than 1 document in each stage , is it acceptable ?

Set permlevel as 1 to the Qty, Rate field in sales order item, sales invoice item, delivery note item and using role permissions manager set the read and write permission to the manager role and other roles set read permission for permlevel 1. With this changes only manager role change the Qty/Rate and no other roles and therefore against each quotation there will be one SO and so on.

@rohit_w , thank so much , good solution.

HI @rohit_w, I got trouble with printing , they do not show quanity if I give them only read permission .


I am able to replicate the issue into local account, can you please create github issue

HI @rohit_w , proceed at github

HI @rohit_w , can you review for this case ?