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LIFO inventory valuation method

Anyone implemented it?

So far I have not found anyone implemented LIFO in ERPNext.

About 2 weeks ago, I posted a similar thread: LIFO (Last In First Out) in ERPNext

I dont see anyone implemented LIFO , it supports

  1. FIFO
  2. Moving Avg

you can check latest documentation for the same

Incorporated this, after we’ve tested this to satisfaction, will do a pull request or share changes.

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There was a specific request for LIFO by a potential client.

In the United States, I’ve never met a client that used LIFO. For many years, I taught Inventory Value reconciliation classes for MS Dynamics. Each class, I would ask students if their companies used LIFO. I never found one.

I’m unsure which country(s) use it, and why. But it’s super-rare in the U.S.