Leave Allocation

Hi there,
I am trying to implement a method which should run on monthly basis. The thing is each employee is entitled to take a total of 21 leaves in an year, i.e. 1.75 leaves per month but the problem i am facing is that how i can set the leaves to allocate automatically on starting of every month for all the employees and a maximum of 30 leaves can be carry forwarded to next fiscal year.
Because allocating leaves for all the employees manually is a tedious task.
Moreover using allocation tool is a good idea but the problem is first i have to set the leave balance of all the employee individually so that all the employee can have their share of leaves.
Another thing is that how can i allocate leaves automatically using scheduled tasks?
so that it can be automated.
Rather than doing it manually for all the employees.?

Not possible at the moment. Maybe you can send a PR :wink:

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What if i set a method to fire at monthly basis in scheduler events in hooks.py