Leads, Prospects, Contacts, and Customers?

I’m trying to understand the ERPNext CRM. I’m coming from working with SuiteCRM, which is typically set up with Targets, Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.

As I understand it, in ERPNext:
Lead: A record of a person/company (might just be a company name without an actual person’s name or detaisl) that might buy from me.
Contact: A person, which might the decision maker that actually buys the products
Prospect: A company that might buy something from me
Customer: A record of a person/company that bought something from me.

So, the Sales team would probably mostly be working from Lead, Prospects, and Opportunities records. If a Lead is qualified, or at least verified to be a real entity, the Business is converted into a Prospect.

One problem I see is that if a Lead is converted, there’s both a Lead and a Contact record. The Contact record might have different data that references the same person, just stored in two different records…

So, since Lead and Contact records (referring to the same human) can be updated independently, reps might have to refer to 2 different records to be sure they’re not missing anything…

Contact is a loosely coupled object. Typically a one-to-many relationship document.

Imagine if a Lead is an organisation.
You would have to deal with multiple contacts from the organisation(Lead) say CTO, CFO or your channel partner to work with. In this case you create multiple contacts and associate with the lead.

This holds true for your customer also.

Moreover Director of one organisation can be CTO of other organisation. In this case a contact is not created again. Just contact will be assigned to the organisation.

If a Lead Record (which contains both the organization, and a person/decision maker) is converted to a Prospect, is it best to just stop using the Lead record, and then only update the Contact record?

If I create a Prospect from a Lead, I am left with a Prospect (for the organization), a Lead (containing both the “Person” and the Organization), and a Contact (the person).

This would seem to make the process of updating records prone to mistakes, or at least make it easy to miss relevant data related to different people/organizations. For example if a rep creates as ToDo/Event/Email for Contact record, he won’t see it if he only looks at the Lead record…

You have to initiate communications, events from Leads/Prospects/Opportunities/Quotations
Not directly from contacts.
From V14 All the communications will be carry forwarded to subsequent documents. If you have created a Prospect from Lead, all the communication with respect to Lead will be carry forwarded to the Prospect. You don’t have to come back to Lead for communication records.