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Lead in quotation is not saved when I try to save quotation


Hello all,
Every time I try to save a quotation From Lead (not from a Customer) the Lead field becomes early and the quotation is not saved! This is clearly a bug.



Can you share screenshot or error log?


The error says"
“Customer LEAD-1601005 not found
The resource you are looking for is not available”

All I did was:
1- Open an new quotation form
2- Change Quotation To field to Lead
3- Select any lead in Lead field.
4. Select any item in items table
5- The Error shows automatically, even without trying to save.

It seems the system is mixing between customers and leads. It’s seeing LEAD-xxxx as a customer.

And now I see more issues.
When I do steps 1 to 3, and then select item in items table, it’s not fetching the information (Item name, description, price) from the the database.
If I try to save, and there is a mandatory field not filled, then I get an error message which is fine. The problem is that when I try to fill this field after the acknowledging the error it never gets field! it turns back to an empty field.


Displaying error message while creating Quotation from lead

Sorry for the issue.

Fixing via


Thanks, please let me know when the fix is pushed.


we have released a fix