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LDAP sync Contacts and CalDAV or Subscribed sync Calendar



Github #7779

I have been reviewing some posts in which it seems ERPNext at some point enabled LDAP login. I am unfamiliar with the functionality of this. Can someone explain existing functionality?

This issue is a feature request to have the ability to synchronize the contacts available in ERPNext server so that they show on my Contacts app on iOS/ Android. Also, I wish to sync the Calendar events scheduled in ERPNext so that they show in my Calendar app in iOS/Android. This applies for Reminders as well. (CalDAV)

True, while the functionality of ERPNext app allows Contacts and Calendar to be seen within the app when connected to a server on iOS/Android, when I think about calling someone I really want to just go to Contacts app. And when I am thinking about appointments or whenI need a reminder, I want it to be the Calendar app. Basically I want to have everything in its place on the iPhone/Smartphone, (ERPNext contacts, plus my iCloud contacts, and the same for Calendars: ERPNext calendar, iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, etc.) This way, I can make direct calls from the Contacts app, or get reminders and reschedule events using the Calendar app, which also is useful to see if events overlap.

Enabling this functionality would also allow ERPNext to interface with Desktop apps supporting the Contacts, Calendar and Reminders protocols.

The reasoning behind it is this: When thinking about Contacting someone, you use Contacts app. When thinking about scheduling, you use Calendar App. This also begins to make ERPNext accesible to voice activated assistants like Siri. I personally use Siri to create Calendar appointments on the fly with great success!


I would find this very useful. I am working on a Nextcloud install which has caldav and carddav connectors and can see that Nextcloud could be integrated quite nicely with ERPNEXT as they fulfill different requirements.

Also Odoo does NOT have any caldav or carddav connectors so this would be a good feature to attract previous Odoo users/developers perhaps.


I would imagine Odoo had these kind of connectors for the price they charge! I’ll post a job in the community forum and oversee its creation!


Great idea. Yes I’m surprised Odoo never implement ed it. They did in verse but it was horribly broken so ditched it never to come back again …



Has there been any update on this? This seems to be an important feature. Did you post this as a job in the forum?


No Saurabh, have not posted the Job. I am looking into it with my our Dev team, so we can push ahead with this feature. We are focusing on getting out of the AgriNext maze. We have a sprint tomorrow locally here, as it has habitually been every thursday since March of this year.


Definitely this is needed that can sync via caldav to the iOS / OSX calendars (and of course would work for the Android then too).


Nextcloud CardDAV integration would be great!


Yes in deed!!
It would be great!