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KSA E-Invoicing and Simplified VAT Report

Dear community,
Please review the QR code for KSA E-Invoicing and Simplified VAT Report



I have installed the app on ERPNext v13.7 but have not found a QR Code image or report
I have installed by using the following code

bench get-app ksa_vat
bench --site site1.local install-app ksa_vat
bench --site site1.local migrate

Can you help me to review this?

Please explain in short video how to use this report?


@yasserelbana try the following:

  1. Go to KSA VAT settings and add the item tax templates.
  2. Make sure the item tax template added here is also assigned to some items.
  3. Proceed to create a sales invoice with those items.
  4. On saving, a QR code should be attached as an image to the invoice.
  5. In print preview, QR will be visible on the standard print format.

It created the field if company is created for the first time. Anyways I have updated the code. Just pull and migrate