JDBC Connection to erpnext mysql database

Erpnext db server n workbench in on my virtual box, i just installed mysql workbench on the virtualbox since erpnext is using mariadb (innodb).

I setup as usual jdbc connection to the virtual box IP and the erpnext db name, like following :

I using jdbc connecting my localhost db working well… is it the way / approach to do it for erpnext ?

I solve this issue myself, the problem is to allow remote access to db. Find the mysql folder, then my.conf , then edit the value to which means allow remote access and follow the step from these link http://www.configserverfirewall.com/ubuntu-linux/enable-mysql-remote-access-ubuntu/

IF you hit user and privilege issue, then follow this link : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27722704/caused-by-java-sql-sqlexception-access-denied-for-user-rootlocalhost-usi