Item with Multiple variants


I created an Item template to make further variants, but when I try to create a variant of that item, it is again getting saved as a template instead and I’m not able to go through with this.

I have the same issue, when i try to make multiple variant, the system say “Item Code is required”…

I am facing same issue.

Looks like some configuration issue. I was able to solve it. Will share the solution

Where to change configuration? Can you please guide me?

refer to this github issue

this is caused by incorrectly added attribute field into the item variant setting fields list.
related code is at erpnext.controllers.item_variant.copy_attribute_to_variant
allow_fields = [d.field_name for d in frappe.get_all(“Variant Field”, fields = [‘field_name’])]

make sure both 2 fields: attribute and has_variants not among the fields list.

Solved, thanks…

Alternatively, you can remove these fields from Item Variant Settings in Stocks module

Delete the rows Attribute & Has_Variants and save this form.

This should solve it

hi @Aditya_Bagarka i am struggling to find out the fields. would appreciate if pls help me out…
v13.1.0 (version-13)
v13.1.1 (version-13)

Isn’t it included in latest fix?

I’m still on the previous version. I found the fix in Variant settings & deleted the attribute & has_variant from list of copy - which solved my issue

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Noted and thanks for replying