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Item Wise Sales Person




Does it make sense to have a feature to add Item wise sales person in SI/SO. I have a scenario in healthcare where multiple doctors do different procedures/consultancy and they (doctors) have their own revenue sharing fixed with the Hospitals and it could be different for different procedures also. So in the worst case we will have to make one invoice per item to achieve the Sales Person Commission. What are your thoughts?

I am willing to do the changes given that such a scenario is valid for other domains also and its generic enough.



Better to use the Contribution % field in sales team table in SI/SO.


Hey thanks for the reply. But this doesn’t solve the whole purpose as it doesn’t give me flexibility to add different Sales Person for different items as their revenue share % might be different for each items let alone different % share for different Sales Person. Of course I can calculate the final cumulative %s of each Sales Person and put in this table but that wont be of much use in any of the reportings. I dont know if I am being clear enough, please let me know if I am not.


I think we should have both item wise and an overall commission just like discounts. Or we could extend the Sales Team Child table to somehow include item also. if Item is not selected it will by default calculate on overall but if item is selected it will only be calculated on those item.

What do you think?