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Item UOM Conversion


We buy one (01) roll of cable that have 1000 RFT and we sell in RFT to customers so how we can handle this issue?


You can put two UOM one fore purchasing and one for selling
You have to add UOM Conversation factor so that can convert vice-versa like
unit roll
unit RFT
Roll = 1000*Roll


How to put this conversation factor?


In Item Master you will find section called Unit of measure inside it put both uom and conversation factor


Please see the following:

After all this, I see ‘Nos’ as UOM in Quotation and Sales Invoice so where did I make mistake?


You need to put 0.001 conversation factor for RFT for this
as 1/1000


Once you mentioned the UoMs in the item master, you can change it in the line item in any transaction:


Hi, I can see in the screenshots you provide above that you have Nos as your Default Unit of Measure. Since you stock and sell in RFT, RFT should be your Default UoM, not Nos.


Is there a way to bulk update the UOM conversion table for individual items?


It depends… If you DON’T have transactions, download the items base, in the import tool, change it in Excel, then upload the file updating the infos…

If you DO have transactions, duplicate the item, change the configs, then freeze the original.

I guess…


Thanks for the response.

Also got feedback elsewhere to check documentation

Particular section 4. Uploading All Tables (Main + Child)

Basically, new line for child table entries.