Item Price - Packing Unit

I can’t understand the Packing Unit field described here:

Could someone kindly explain me another use-case than the one provided in the doc ? :slight_smile:

My understanding was that if my default UOM is Kg, and I buy bags of 25Kg, I could set 25 in the Packing Unit, so I would not have to define new UOM and conversion, since it is only a simple multiplier of Kg.

But as soon as I set a value in Packing Unit, and I try to create a PO, no rate is fetched from this price list.


Anybody who successfully used this field could explain their use case ?

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Please! I’ll be useful for me too :upside_down_face:

Several months later, no answer to this important question and I find myself in the confusion as well! Any help please?

Hi @guimorin
Effect is on stock transaction and not in PO,
SETUP in price list
UOM : kg
Packing Unit: 25
Received qty =1
Transaction qty = 25, your stock should increase by 25 kg.
Did not tried :frowning: but you can give a po receipt trx and see result.
Let me know result…