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Item level taxes are not getting calculated in POS total, but in the sales invoice it appears



I am using latest version of ERPNext for testing the features. I have configured 2 items with item level taxes. One item with service tax of 5% and another one with VAT of 14.5%.

In order to consider the item level taxes in the sales/POS invoice, I have configured pos profile with tax template with 2 tax items and mentioned 0 in rate field. (both taxes are on Net total and not included in basic price).

When I tried to sale through POS with the configured profile, total amount of the sale and payment amount is coming without tax. But the related sales invoice in the “sales invoice list” hold the tax amount and it is showing overdue which is equal to the tax amount.

Error is “POS total amount for the payment is not considering the item level Taxes, but it is updated in sales invoice”. Do we have any fix already implemented for this issue.?

Earlier versions of ERPNext -->POS are working properly.


Thanks for reporting the issue.

I can replicate the issue. @rohit_w is working on it, will push a fix as soon as posible.


Great! Thanks for the update.


Released the fix


Its working now! Thanks!


How as this achieved?

We have some items which are taxed VAT @5% and medicines VAT Exemption.
But in POS if i assign Sales tax Vat@5% then it applies it to the non vat items also…

Can anyone advice?

EDIT: Found it. Followed the Sales Tax tutorial.
But other question, How to apply tax as per the item group.
and is there a default way to display which item have vat and which have exemption in print format?


You can apply different tax rate setup at Item Level, which is different from default tax, which is derived from COA Tax ledger & Tax template.

You can see the ‘tax break-up’ item wise on ‘Save’ of SI or PI. It generates HTML field calculated and shown on the SI or PI, which you could use in print format


Thanks for your quick reply.

But maybe I failed to explain in detail.
How to apply tax as per the item group.
We have to Item groups. Vat Items and Non Vat Item.
I want to know if there is any way where I can assign the VAT and its rate to a given Item group, Instead of doing each item one by one.

It is similar to customer group method but on item group. If I use the Tax Rule form, it only have a way to assign customer group to a given tax template.

Question 2:
I am aware of the Tax Break-Up. But I would only Like to display in pos receipt that item have vat or not.


ItemA (Vat@5%) 1USD
ItemB (Vat@0%) OR (Vat Exempted) 5USD

Something like this.

Hope this makes my questions more clear.
Thanks for your support, appreciated your response but can is there a way I can achieve this?


This is not available in ERPNext at this moment. Tax could be either Item wise or Specified as per Tax template

I’m sorry, I have not come across this requirement nor tested it