Item code not display completely?

Hi Teams,
while creating new sales order through the dashboard item name is showing very small part only instead of complete item name. even system cannot identify the actual name of the item as its is to short while displaying on the item table .
how to show the complete item name in sales order can any one help for this
STO-ITEM-TEST-19/200 this complete item code but while showing this display only


please check item code of test12/200 from item master
i think item code is displaying in sales order

yes the Item code is display in sales order but not completly , when user create a new sales order & in that select the item based on the customer…

Even item is selected in item code but due to uncomplete name it gives an error like this item not found…

When i manually select the item then it can take the full name of the item like this

Still i am facing same issue…