Is this intentional or bug? --> Item Price List

Hi There,

I noticed that the standard route to the “ITEM PRICE” is linked to a report. I find this weird as there is an actual LIST for the ITEM PRICE which can subsequently lead to the ITEM PRICE report, but not the other way around.

When you are on the ITEM PRICE report screen and wish to navigate to the LIST view, the only way to do it is to use the SEARCH bar at the top by typing “ITEM PRICE LIST” --> /desk#List/Item%20Price/List

Is this by design?
If I wanted to change this ITEM PRICE link to : /desk#List/Item%20Price/List
Where do I need to modify to achieve it?

Thank you for your help

Would anyone be able to point to me where the system derives the sections and links from ? So that i can go and modify the links generated and maybe change what shows up in each sections.

Thank you ! This is just what I’m looking for! Please close this now.