Is there any way to create Payables for each employee where we can see his salary payable and other dues?

We need to maintain employee wise salary payables and a place where we can see complete transations of each employees. also a place to see all his expenses and other transactional details.
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Any solution for this??

There’s no solution out of the box. You’ll need to customize.

I’ve always thought it was a bit weird that the account called “Payroll Payable” actually isn’t a payable account (and can’t be one).

The issue is here, and it’s pretty easy to fix:

In the earning and deductions sections, we just added a check to see if the account is marked payable, and if so we add party_type and party to the journal entry account row. It’s worked fine for several years now, though we’ve run into a few minor bugs in forms, reports, etc., as a result. ERPNext tends to assume that the account type Payable is for suppliers and Receivable is for customers.