Is there a way to cancel a draft invoice?

Our scenario is, we issue PROFORMA invoice to customer and sometimes this business doesnt go through. So we have to cancel the invoice, however we want a record to be kept as such invoice was raised and cancelled.

Is there any possibility?

Write a custom script to change docstatus=2

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Hi, You can use “Set as Lost” option for this.

I think this option is available only for Quotations

@Vinod_Nadar you can use a workflow . you have to add a new status “canceled2” with a docstatus 0 not 2 . because you cant move from 0 to 2 . generally the invoice will remain draft but with a different status name .


Great solutions above.

An alternate solution (if you don’t want to script):

You can also use sales order for the same. Just rename it from sales order to Proforma invoice with a custom print format. This way, when the sale goes through, you can create a sales invoice from it directly.